Meetings every Thursday at Noon
Meetings at 525 North Pennsylvania,
Lansing, Michigan 48912
Buffet Luncheon at 11:45 AM prior to the meetings

Krier for December 7th

Meeting Location: Salvation Army, 525 N Pennsylvania, Lansing

Thursdays, 12:00 noon        Buffet 11:45am

Program for: December 7, 2017
Chair of the Week: Greg Hagbom
Chair of the Month: Greg Hagbom
Presiding: President Steve Goble
Upcoming Programs

Dec program TBD
Jan. 4- Walt Sorg, Gerrymandering
Jan. 11- Matt Latham, Maner Costerisan, New Tax Law
Jan. 18- Carolyn Randall, Climate Change
Jan. 25- Key Club officers (to be confirmed)

Greeter/Invocation: Trina Pulver

No Guest Today


Past President: Bob Nelson gave a past president presentation on Harold Krauss who was president in 1964 and had the almost unbelievable achievement of 53 years of perfect attendance prior to his death in 2016.


Sue Devon: New K-Kids Club our club will be sponsoring. We will need to have some Kiwanians volunteer to help as advisors to the new club. The first membership drive meeting will be January 17th at 11:30 am at Riddle Elementary School. We will be hoping to charter this new club before the end of the school year. Please let Sue know if you'd like to work on this.
Larry Pingel: Collected for the Food Bank with $100 donated today.
Tracy Twarozynski: Chocolate sales are now complete with all boxes delivered.
Dr. Clyde Flory: Updated Christmas Party detail sheet passed out.
Erik Waltz: First meeting for the Risdale park project will be December 13th starting at 5:45 p.m. in the conference room at the Rathbun Insurance Agency 529 W Saginaw if you are interested in working on this project.

Happy Bucks:

Jeff Hollenbeck $29 check to the endowment fund for his birthday
Brock Middlebrooks $ for Jr's first birthday
Terry Holzhausen $ for an upcoming weekend in Chicago visiting their daughter and he was giving away a parking pass and two ticket to the MSU women's basketball game. Sue Devon was happy to be the recipient.
Sue Devon $ for the Tickets
Tracy Twarozynski $ for her daughter finding out she was expecting.


Led today by Bob Nelson w/Dr. Clyde on the Piano


Greg Hagbom introduced himself as speaker of the day. Greg discussed the importance of estate planning and shared several very good tools anyone can use to see what steps they may need to take. Greg has been a member of the club for 22 years and is a past president and continues to be a very active member. If you are looking for assistance with your estate plan please just let Greg know.


Held by Bill Maher won by Rev. Drew Filkins who drew the Jack of Hearts.

President Steve Goble adjourned the meeting by ringing the bell.