Meetings every Thursday at Noon
Meetings at 525 North Pennsylvania,
Lansing, Michigan 48912
Buffet Luncheon at 11:45 AM prior to the meetings

Krier for February 1st

Meeting Location: Salvation Army, 525 N Pennsylvania, Lansing

Thursdays, 12:00 noon        Buffet 11:45am

Program for: February 1, 2018
Chair of the Week: Jim Kost
Chair of the Month: Jim Kost
Presiding: President Steve Goble
Upcoming Programs

February:Jim Kost,
March:Tracy Twarozynski,
April: Erik Walz,
May: Tim Hoffman
June: Someone is needed
July: Someone is needed
August: Carla Johnston
September: Larry Pingel
October: Steve Goble

Greeter/Invocation: Vaghn Thompson

No Guest Today


No Trivia Today


Sue Devon: There will be an organizational meeting next Thursday at 11:30 the Angel House committee.
Vaughn Thompson: Throughout February the Salvation Army is having a personal needs drive.
Erik Walz: The Park sponsorship committee is looking at possibly changing the location to a new park being developed in the same area of town. More to follow.
Larry Pingel: $81 was collected today for the Food Bank. Thank you all for donating.
Bill Maher: Tickets are being printed and will be available next Thursday at the meeting.

Happy Bucks:

Jim Kost $$$ for his speaker today Jason Murton, for letting everyone know Harry is doing well and expecting to be back a meeting shortly, For Bill Maher providing a speaker for next week while Jim's away.
Tracy Twarozynski $ Her daughter and son in-law are expecting a baby boy :)
Sue Devon $ for the 42 K Kids who attended a meeting yesterday at Riddle elementary
Larry Pingel $ today marks my 22 year anniversary at the agency. Best decision ever, with exception of marrying the right women.
Dr. Clyde $$$ for his daughter in-law Beth who's on an experimental drug for her treatment and seems to be doing well, Going to visit his Grandson at MI Tech in Houghton next week for the winter festival, for sharing an article about recent events taking place at MSU


Led today by Bill Maher with Dr. Clyde Flory on the Piano


Jim Kost introduced his speaker Jason Murton who is a construction consultant with his company Accurate Inspections LLC in Dewitt MI. Jason gave a very informative talk on why home inspections are so important in the home buying process. Less than 15% of Newly constructed homes have an inspection other than the code inspections for heating, plumbing and so on. Less than 10% of the individuals performing home inspections have more than an online certificate of completion. Jason's firm is accredited through the American Society of Home Inspectors which is the largest accredited organization in the US. Michigan is on of only 9 state that does NOT require a home inspection, or that one be done by someone with professional training.


Held today by Steve Brennan, won by Greg Hagbom who drew the King of Spades

Meeting adjourned by president Steve ringing the Kiwanis bell.