Meetings every Thursday at Noon
Meetings at 525 North Pennsylvania,
Lansing, Michigan 48912
Buffet Luncheon at 11:45 AM prior to the meetings

Krier for February 8th

Meeting Location: Salvation Army, 525 N Pennsylvania, Lansing

Thursdays, 12:00 noon        Buffet 11:45am

Program for: February 8, 2018
Chair of the Week: No one in Jim's absence
Chair of the Month: Jim Kost
Presiding: President Steve Goble
Upcoming Programs


Greeter/Invocation: Brock Middlebrooks

Joel Ferris visited the club today. Joel is looking at our club and considering membership.


Birthday's for February: Vaugh Thompson wanted everyone to know he enjoys the club and is a recent member of AARP eligibility having recently celebrated the big 50
Steve Goble: says he's living the dream, and enjoying his time as club president to date.
Other members with February Birthdates who were not in attendance today are: Dr. Clyde Flory, Roger Grove, Ray Easton.

Happy Birthday to you all


Larry Pingel, Harry Kost fell and broke his leg early this week. He's been moved to the Willows at East Lansing located at 3500 Coolidge Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823 (Coolidge Road north of Lake Lansing Road) Harry is in Room 109 . Visitors welcome & appreciated.
Vaughn Thompson, The Salvation Army's drive for Personal Needs Items runs through the month of February. A collection box is available here in the meeting room or anyone wanting to donate items.
Bob Nelson: We have the opportunity to host Texas Hold Em with the dates being July 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th. Please let Bob know if you'd be available during these dates and willing work.
Bill Maher, If you are attending the women's game Sunday club members are planning to sit in section 133 if you'd like to join us.
Larry Pingel, The Prayer Breakfast will be Thursday March 29th. Starting with Breakfast at 7:30 please mark you calendar
Larry Pingel, There will be a meeting next Thursday at 11:30 prior to the weekly meeting for anyone will to assist with the Putt-Putt Outing scheduled for August 14th
Steve Goble, The new Roster Booklets are here and on the back table. Please pick one up before you leave.

Happy Bucks:

Bon Nelson for an upcoming Caribbean cruise, follow by a visit in Myrtle Beach to visit Gary Brya
Vaugh Thompson, for his recently having turned 50
Terry Holzhausen $$ for an upcoming snowmobile trip to Canada, and for having passed a wind turbine on the highway with a sign on it stating thanks for your tax dollars!!
Carla Johnston $ for being here and able to attend the meetings rather than gallivanting off on some vacation.
Larry Pingel $ for having non electric heat back in our home. Although I'm sure Consumers would rather it stay on 100 % electric. You could hear the meter spinning.


Led today by Bob Nelson with a couple selections WAY OUTSIDE our collective comfort zone.

Dr. Clyde you were sorely missed today.


No Program was scheduled for today


Roger Donaldson drew Carla Johnston who promptly drew the 8 of spades. The pot grows.

President Steve adjourned the meeting by ringing the Kiwanis Bell