Meetings every Thursday at Noon
Meetings at 525 North Pennsylvania,
Lansing, Michigan 48912
Buffet Luncheon at 11:45 AM prior to the meetings

Krier for November 30th

Meeting Location: Salvation Army, 525 N Pennsylvania, Lansing

Thursdays, 12:00 noon        Buffet 11:45am

Program for: November 30, 2017
Chair of the Week: Bill Maher
Chair of the Month: Bill Maher
Presiding: President Steve Goble
Upcoming Programs


Greeter/Invocation: Greg Hagbom / Greg Hagbom

No Guest Today


No Trivia Today


Steve Goble: A moment of silence for the passing of Rod Conrad
Larry Pingel: Roger's Visitation is tomorrow Friday Dec 1st from 2-4 and 6-8 at Estes-Leadley Funeral home Lansing Chapel. The funeral will be Saturday Dec 2nd at 10:00 a.m. First Presbyterian Church located at 510 W Ottawa. Visitation is also one hour prior to the funeral service.
Sue Devon: All members are invited to attend Peckhams Christmas Party Saturday January 6th. 12 Noon - 3 p.m. Please see the attachment that was sent regarding the Krier being available on line for details. Please RSVP to Brooke Lippert at or call her at 517-316-4186
Clyde Flory, Updated Christmas Party Details also attached to the broadcast email.
Eriki Walz, there will be a committee meeting for anyone wanting to work on the upcoming Park Project. This is the for scheduled planning meeting. Next Thursdays prior to our normal meeting starting at 11:30.
Tracy Twarozynski, 109 boxes of chocolates were sold this year. $872 earned for the Club. Thanks to everyone who placed an order.
Carla Johnston, I met with Roger Conrad over the weekend and I will be taking over the Crop Walk for the coming year. It's a big project and much club support will be needed.
Elizabeth Hernandez, Thanks to everyone who supported the Thanksgiving Basket project either by financial assistance or basket assembly. Special Thanks to Terry for the generous use of his truck and his time picking up the Turkeys.

Happy Bucks:

Larry Pingel $$ sad bucks for the passing of my friend Roger Conrad
Jim Kost $$$ for Roger, for Steve Goble, and to Jim Dalton and his schools basketball team Notre Dame who MSU will handle easily tonight. Such prophecy (:
Bob Nelson $ For Roger Conrad
Terry Holzhausen $$ for Rod Conrad who I first met just the other day when we both were new students going to MSU, Tracy's efforts on the candy sales
Greg Hagbom $$ for Roger and the Wisconsin Badger the first team I rooted for growing up in Northern Wisconsin.
Clyde Flory $$ for Rod Conrad and Sue's P's talk at Peoples Church
Jeff Hollenbeck $$ for the two new members Rachel & Matt
Roger Donaldson $ for a friend of many years Roger Conrad
Steve Goble $ for Roger
Trina Pulver $$ for Trina's efforts on the candy sales and the many volunteers who helped with the Thanksgiving Baskets
Carla Johnston $$ for Roger and Tracy all they've done and will do for the club
Elizabeth Hernandez $$$$$ Roger, the new members, today's speaker, Basket volunteers, Tracy's awesome job selling the chocolates.


Led today by Roger Grove with Dr. Clyde Flory on the Piano


Asmaa Fizazi a graduate student studying at MSU. Gave a very informative talk about her country Algeria.


Held by Roger D. Won by Steve G who drew the 4 of Clubs

Meeting adjourned by President Steve Goble ringing the bell.