Meetings every Thursday at Noon
Meetings at 525 North Pennsylvania,
Lansing, Michigan 48912
Buffet Luncheon at 11:45 AM prior to the meetings

Kiwanis Club of Lansing Krier

Krier for July 20th

Meeting Location: Salvation Army, 525 N Pennsylvania, Lansing

Thursdays, 12:00 noon        Buffet 11:45am

Program for: July 20, 2017
Chair of the Week: Elizabeth Hernandez
Chair of the Month: Elizabeth Hernandez
Presiding: Presiden Steve Breenan
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Greeter/Invocation: Terry Holzhausen / Terry Holzhausen

Elizabeth Hernandez introduced: Mike Hamel & Calvin Jones from the LBWL
Steve Brennan introduced: Mark Maddis




Steve Brennan: A Moment of Silence for Jim Firos
Larry Pingel: The Putt-putt outing is August 15th. Please help find teams and sponsors.
Jim Dalton: The early returns from the Reno's event look very promising. Thanks to everyone for working the event.
Erik Walz: The membership committee will be meeting August 17th after the normal lunch meeting

Happy Bucks:

Steve Brennan: $$ in memory of Jim Firos and for Steve acting as president the next 3 weeks while I'm away.
Elizabeth Hernandez: $$$$ in memory of Jim, Her daughters open house, today's speaker, and for the open house being over.
Terry Holzhausen: $$ for Jim Firos and for the Texas Holdem event
Jim Dalton: $ Thanks again for everyone working the event at Reno's
Erik Walz: $$ in memory of Jim and for his starting a new job
Gary Brya: $ for Jim Firos
Larry Pingel: $$$$ from Sammy who owns Zatoon's who was at Reno's


Led today by Roger Grove.


Elizabeth Hernandez introduce Dick Peffley who is General Manager with the Board of Water & Light. Dick started at the board a little over 41 years ago as a janitor and has work in any number of capacities culminating in leading the board today. Dick spoke to the many challenges faced by a public utility of which LBWL is the largest in the state. In fact larger than the other 41 such entities combined.


Terry Holzhausen organized to days drawing won by Norm Miller who drew the 2 of hearts.








Meeting Location:

Salvation Army
525 N Pennsylvania
Lansing, Michigan

Meetings start at Thursdays, 12:00 noon and prior to the meetings we host a buffet that starts at 11:45 AM.