Club Meetings & Administration


Co-Chairs: Yvonne Groak 372-4324 and Bill Maher 627-8131


  • Norm Miller
  • Jim Murner
  • Harry Kost
  • Glenn Mulder
  • Larry Pingel
  • Roger Donaldson
  • Richard Skinner
  • Roger Grove
  • James McCartney
  • Robert Nelson
  • Clyde Flory
  • Tracy Twarozynski

Greeter & Invocation List: Roger Conrad & Larry Pingel

Birthdays: Yvonne Groak & Larry Pingel

Song Leaders: Roger Grove, Bill Maher, James McCartney, Bob Nelson

Piano Players: Clyde Flory & Harry Kost

Krier: Norm Miller, Larry Pindel, Bill Maher

Follow up On Programs: Bill Maher

Room Setup & Takedown Monthly Assignments

October 2014 Bill Maher
April 2015 Yvonne Groak
November 2014 Jim Murner
May 2015 Bill Maher
December 2014 Roger Grove
June 2015 Glenn Mulder
January 2015 Larry Pingel
July 2015 Jim Murner
February 2015 Bob Nelson
August 2015 Roger Donaldson
March 2015 Roger Donaldson
September 2015 Glenn Mulder
BIRTHDAYS: Send cards to members – introduce on 3rd Thursday of the month

ROOM SET-UP: Head Table with podium and the American Flag on the left as you face the podium. Front table should be set up to seat 2 people. You will need banners, blue storage box, name badge case and flags from around the world. Put song books and attendance cards on tables. Get pass key from Salvation Army receptionist. Our supplies are in the closet with doors on the left up front. MAKE SURE YOU PUT UP OUR BANNERS NOT GOLDEN K. Greet members and guests if greeter is not there. Assist speaker if needed. Hold drawing at the end of meeting.

After the meeting, take down banners, pick up song books, put flag case and name badge case away. Give sign in cards to Bill Maher or John Devon

Thanks for your support.